"Erik has a vast knowledge of computer systems. If he doesn't have the answer, he knows how to find it. We had been having a problem with our Router not staying connected after working with 2 others and the manufacture for 3 months Erik fixed the problem in 3 days."

Matt McCarl New Leaf Hyperbarics & Wellness

Erik is fantastic!! I consider myself fairly tech-savvy but I was at a loss when my POS systems refused to communicate one morning. I was on the phone with the help desk for an hour but no solution was found. I called Ask Erik for help and he immediately came over. He identified the issue, fixed it and double checked that things were working. He had me back up & running before my business opened and basically saved the day. He is super nice and very professional!

Rebecca Shiffer 320 Main Restaurant

I admit I am computer savvy but I met my match on Monday. I didn't think twice about calling my friend Erik at ASK ERIK COMPUTER SERVICES.  I dropped off the laptop to him in the morning and he said it would be ready Wednesday. No sooner did I return home and found a message from him saying the laptop was fixed and ready to go. I couldn't be happier with its near new performance and the reasonable amt charged to fix it. I strongly recommend ASK ERIK for all your computer needs.....

Kevin Villenski Former Law Enforcement Officer

As the VP of a small business, it is absolutely necessary that our computers are up and running at ALL times.  When our internet went down in the office one day after the next, we were absolutely at a loss as to what to do.  Erik helped me out immediately!  He gave great customer service and solved our problem just as quickly as it began.  He saved me a ton of money without leaving the office! Thank you to Erik for keeping our business going!!!

Jamie Parrott Med Results Network

Out of nowhere, my laptop was dead. I contacted my insurance company, was told that I needed a repair estimate. So I went to Erik. Erik provided a professional estimate, then I forwarded it to my carrier. Not sure if I would get an approval, I decided to move forward anyway and asked Erik to repair. Erik told me if I decided to pay myself, I should get a new one for about the same amount instead of fixing the old one. And he told me where to find deals. Whoa!, that's very impressive! Without repairing, he doesn't make any money. Erik puts his customers' interests above his own, that says everything about who Erik is. When it comes to computer, he is my number one go-to guy!

Mu Zhang Encore Awards

I was on the verge of panic after I dropped my laptop on the floor.....completely dead, no signs of life.  Fortunately, I remembered Ask Erik and decided to give him a call.  2 minutes later he showed up and started taking a look.  I thought for sure he was going to tell me we needed to order a part, but after 5 minutes of taking parts out and reconnecting cables, it is back up running!  What a relief!  I recommend Erik to anyone who needs computer help - he is knowledgeable, friendly and professional.  And as I just found out, super fast!

Alan Grant Z-Pizza

I have had the pleasure of having my work laptop, a personal laptop and several client's computers serviced by Erik. He is efficient, timely and customer focused.  In addition, his rates are highly competitive.  I also really like the fact that Erik is involved and committed to the local community.  Erik's primary focus is on PCs but he has done a great job whenever I have had a Mac issue.  So go ahead and "ask Erik" - he can help!

Seth Eaker Black Marble Consulting

My wife's computer picked up a virus. We took it into Erik and he removed the virus and helped resolve some of the damage the virus had caused, retrieving "lost" files, etc. We used express service, and had the computer up and running the next morning. There were a few tweaks that had to be done in order to repair the damage that was not apparent except to a user of the computer. He did those via remote, responding almost immediately to our email., or phone calls. Erik is a real find and a highly recommended resource if you have computer problems. He has a pleasant personality and is extremely knowledgeable.

Marvin Fields Local Home Office

Erik helped me to purchase a new computer system in January 2019.  Since I am a Tax Professional I needed to be extra sure that I met the new requirements from the IRS on Security issues.  Erik knew exactly what I needed which included a battery backup.  I wasn't sure that I needed a battery backup but Erik said I did so I purchased one.   Since then I have experienced two power outages in Southern California.  Not a light anywhere in the house except for my computer screen that was still going.   Erik was right again.

I have used Erik's service since 2011 and he is always there when I need him.   I actually have him on a monthly retainer which is the best money I spend for my business every month.   When I call, he is always there.    I couldn't be happier with his service, even though he is now in Oregon, he has still given me the exact service I need.  Thanks, Erik!

Janie Williams EA Janie Willliams EA

Erik was prompt, professional and did an awesome job repairing my nagging network issue. We had been troubleshooting it for days. Erik managed to find the issue and clear it up in just a couple of hours. Thanks for keeping us running!

Steve W. Local Small Business Owner

Erik has a service ethic that is exceptional.  We "asked" Erik to take a look at our computer system, with the idea that we wanted to know what it takes to be protected from hackers.
Two of his competitors quoted over the phone, Erik came out in person to give us an accurate analysis or our situation.  This guy knows what he is talking about.

Jim Choura The Grand Event Center

For the past several years I have used Erik's services many times.  No matter what major catastrophe I present him with, Erik has been able to relieve my stress and frustration by getting my computer up and running again, most times handling my problems remotely.  His customer service and response times are outstanding.  I highly recommend Ask Erik Computer Services to anyone who needs computer support.

Pat Ellington Incredible Journeys

My work computer decided to stop working altogether on me.  I couldn't even get the thing to power on.  I took the computer to Ask Erik Computer Services dropped off the computer and went to lunch.  When I returned they had replaced the power supply and the computer was working perfectly!  I have never experienced such fast and knowledgeable service!  If you are having any computer problems I highly recommend you take your computer to Ask Erik!

Kris Gragson Small Business Owner

This past week, the computer at the store was down, and I immediately called Ask Erik Computer Services.  Erik came by the same day, took my computer, got it going, backed it up for me and it is now running faster than ever.  Thank you so much, Erik, for saving me and making sure my business stays on course!

JoAnn Adams Bogart's Coffee

Erik was fantastic to work with! He quickly returned my call and was very accommodating and friendly.  Most importantly, he fixed the computer issue that had been plaguing us for months.  His prices were very fair and our computer has never run better! Would definitely use him again.

Koby M. Local Small Business Owner

Erik's expertise shines brilliantly every time we have used his services over the past few years for our law office.  His vast and thorough knowledge allows him to quickly analyze the problem, make any necessary repairs and is always cost effective due to his knowledge and efficiency.  Often others computer service providers have charged 3 times the amount Erik charges.  Erik has improved our network (someone else's bad networking) for the better, so we rarely have to call him unless we try and do something to the network ourselves.  Erik also does his best to be available whenever we have called in a panic and his ability to work remotely gets us up and running immediately.  No waiting three days for a computer person to show up to fix any problems.  There is no reason to call any other computer service provider.  Ask Erik is as good as it gets!!!!!

Laura Maitlen Law Firm

We have used Ask Erik multiple times, he helped us with our computers and connections at both of our OsteoStrong centers and most recently when we opened Eugene Chiropractic. Erik uses a different approach than most computer guys. He's not just there to get you going, he goes the extra mile to make sure you don't run into computer trouble in the future. Highly recommended!


Matt and Robbin Freedman OsteoStrong Eugene & Springfield
Martin Gaiter - Why to Hire an IT Professional Owner of M I Stimulus

I used Erik based on the reviews from Yelp.  Yelp did not disappoint; neither did Erik.  I've used other local Computer repair shops in the area, Erik is more friendly and doesn't treat you like an idiot (like the guy up the street). Prices are reasonable and he charges fairly.  I've found a new tech guy to use; that's Erik.

Paul I. Local Home Office

Not only did Erik create my website but he also is my main IT guy. He does it all for my company! What I like the most about Erik and Ask Erik computer services is that he is available whenever I need him. My company is not just a 9-5 kind of business and Erik understands that.

Nichole Illingsworth A Peace of Mind Home care

Erik knows computers like Hendrix knows guitars. Every time I have a question or issue for Erik, he gets back to me quickly and knows exactly what I need. If you're having any IT issues or you want to find ways to increase your (and your employees) profitability and efficiency, Erik is your guy.

Stephen Kuhn Kuhn Design Group

Ask Erik has been very helpful setting up a wireless network - along with boosting the signal to an extraordinary reach. In addition, he made quick work of backing up and transferring emails, contacts, and more when changing hosting/email providers.

I would absolutely recommend Ask Erik Computer Services for your IT needs.

Kathleen Istudor Wildwood SEO

On a more professional note, I've been impressed with Erik's knowledge and level of service.  Twice now I have brought him my laptop due to trojan viruses.  I also brought in my laptop recently because I lost all of my photos from a recent adventure and they were completely wiped off my hard drive.  Somehow Erik was able to recover them.  He might be a little more pricey than other shops, but his service and technical know-how is top notch.

Robin O. Local Small Business Owner

Erik came to our office highly recommended by our awesome SEO (Search Engine Optimization) person to fix our computers. Something went wrong when our computer was being scanned and we almost lost our business files which would have been catastrophic but Erik stood there for hours trying to solve the issue. He went as far as working long hours from his home until everything was back to normal. The next day he contacted my wife and thank God he fixed the issues. He is very honest and sincere. From now on no doubt, I will use and recommend Erik to my friends and family.

Ernesto Altamira Vmax Plumbing

Erik has quickly become our right-hand man for our office! We had several issues recently and he was quick to get ahold of and was flexible to get our issues fixed ASAP! Highly recommend Erik for your computer servicing!

Hilary A. Local Small Business Owner

Thank you, Erik, for visiting my business to assess my computer network, computer maintenance needs, and help me set-up a back-up plan for my network and all passwords in case of emergencies.  I appreciate your honesty in determining that the company I am using to maintain my server and system has actually been doing a good job and picked out good equipment when I purchased it several years ago.  I belong to a business group in Long Beach and many of the business owners use Erik and are grateful for his prompt service in bringing their networks up when they crash, in order to minimize the impact on their business operations.

Machelle Thompson Keen Homecare

Thank you, Erik, for saving the day at Coldstone Ice Cream in Seal Beach! Your quick response and thorough troubleshooting identified the problem and then you brought the necessary equipment to get my terminals up and running. Thank you for all you do!

Sharon Gottlieb Coldstone Ice Cream Seal Beach

I don't normally rate services when they are GREAT at what they do, because "services" are typically a person or a group doing what they do BEST and that's supposed to be GREAT! However...The guys at Ask Erik go the extra mile, that's just who they are an that's a rarity today!!!

Joe Ferraro Food and Beverage Consultant

Have not written a review in quite some time, but after visiting "Ask Erik Computer Services" it most certainly merits feedback! To say yesterday was a bad day, would be an understatement. Initially started with the computer power light dimming back and forth - WTF? Eventually pushed the power button and "pop" and the power went out! Took it to the Geek Squad, ah forget it! Staples Computer technician, ah forget it!

Thank goodness for Yelp! found Erik. I explained the aforementioned scenario, he was knowledgeable with possibilities of what could be the problem. I went to his business and in 30 minutes did a diagnostic and repaired the problem. He even upgraded the interior light to make it look hip (lol). Saved my day!

Would definitely recommend this guy! Thank you again, Sir!

Robert E. Local Small Business Owner

I recently had my office PC completely freeze with an error message saying c drive was out of space. My PC is only 3 years old and couldn't have possibly used all 500+ GB's of storage? In a panic, I contacted Ask Erik Computer Services for help getting the storage issue resolved. Erik promptly created wireless access to look at my computer's issues and was able to assess the problem. In a matter of 10 minutes, he had cleared up the storage problem and had my PC up and running like it was new.

I'd highly recommend Ask Erik Computer Services for help with even your most complex computer problems.

Nat Ferguson Ferguson Realty

Out of the blue, my Microsoft Office became non-compliant! I run a small business and I can't function without a smooth running laptop with word, excel, etc.... I was screwed.

A trusted friend referred me to Erik, so that morning I stopped by his office on main street Seal Beach. Erik calmly checked out my laptop and fixed the problem quickly.

By no means am I a "computer expert," but I am a good judge of character and can tell when I'm dealing with a real expert; Erik is a good guy and a real computer expert.

I will return to him for all my computer needs.

Matt F. Local Small Business Owner

My 100th review!

I'd like to take this opportunity to tell everyone just how amazing Erik is!

I've had computers all my life, and I've never had to take one to a repair shop.... until my computer completely crashed, burned, died, all my files are gone, everything in shambles.  Photos that were irreplaceable!

I spent 4 months reading every blog, every forum, hoping something would work (it always has).  Finally, my fiance tells me that he will take my computer for repairs...that he knows of a guy.  I honestly didn't have much hope, but I agreed something had to be done.

A week or so later, my computer was back shiny and new.  I've been using it smooth as can be for a couple of months now.  All my files have been restored, everything works as it did before.


I will forever be grateful,

Crystal S. Home Office

Knowledgeable, fast, and reasonably priced. Erik got our office networked fast and without any issues. I will use him again.

Michael Lafkas MD Aesthetic Laser Care

I can't recommend Erik highly enough. I had a laptop with "issues". I use it for work so I needed it back ASAP. Erik worked on my laptop for hours while juggling other repairs so I could have it back the same day. He is also a very nice guy in general, which made the waiting process much easier. If you have PC problems, you should use Ask Erik. You won't regret it!

Julie B. Local Small Business Owner

Ask Erik is hands down the best computer support a gal can have.  He can diagnose a  problem very quickly and fix it just as quick.  I have had many times when I have totally lost data (or so I thought) and Erik magically finds it on my hard drive.  What a lifesaver.  I always refer him to my friends and clients.  Erik knows computers so I don't have to.

Laura Ellsworth Company Books Bookeeping

All 5-star reviews, fast service, fair pricing.  Erik is a person of honesty and integrity and really knows his stuff. Highly recommended.

Randall Karcher Local Home Office

I went to Erik after Best Buy's Geek Squad gave me a dubious diagnosis of a 'fried motherboard' on my laptop. I don't know that much about computers, but I doubted that a computer that has problems booting quickly had a fried motherboard.

Within 24 hours, Erik had diagnosed what was really wrong with it and suggested a fix (replace faulty RAM chip). I bought the RAM online and had it mailed to him. He replaced the old chip with the new and my computer works great now.

Ask Erik has great service, reasonable prices and most importantly, I trust what he says (unlike the Geek Squad, who are clearly interested in selling you a new computer instead of fixing what you bring them). Do yourself a favor, go to him first!

Craig G. Local Small Business Owner

I took my laptop in a few days ago after I clumsily spilled soda on the keyboard.  I'd never been to Ask Erik before, but I decided to trust Yelp and give him a call since it was the highest rated place around.  I called in and right away was happy to be able to talk to someone on the phone who was not only friendly but who actually seemed sympathetic and concerned for my poor computer. I took it in and two days later he had it dried out, cleaned up, and working perfectly.  Not only that, but it cost WAY less than I had expected - I actually thought he had made a mistake at first when he told me the total price.  How great is that?  Hopefully, my computer will stay dry and running well, but if I ever need another repair or something I'll definitely go back.

Jennifer T. Local Small Business Owner